Do You Need Mexican Car Insurance In Rocky Point?

Rocky Point is a popular tourist site in the United States, located just an hour south of the Mexican border. Every month, thousands of visitors flock to the beach resort. Many people also wonder if they need Mexico auto insurance in Rocky Point.

Despite the fact that Mexico has established a Free Trade Zone (or Hassle-Free Zone) that allows visitors to enter the nation without requiring a temporary vehicle importation permit, the same cannot be said for car insurance. All drivers in Mexico must have Mexican auto insurance at Rocky Point and elsewhere, according to the Mexican government. The minimum requirement is third-party liability insurance issued by a Mexican insurance firm.

That implies that your auto insurance in the United States will not cover you in Mexico, even if you are only an hour away from the border. In addition, if you have a fender accident, Mexican authorities will not accept your insurance from the United States.

Do you need insurance for Rocky Point Mexico?

What You Will Require It is the law that if you drive your car to Rocky Point, you must have Mexican auto insurance. Driving to Puerto Peasco does not require a car permission; but, if you intend to go farther south following your visit to Rocky Point, you will require a vehicle importation permit.

Is Mexican auto insurance required?

The Mexican Federal Liability Law mandates that all cars be insured. Your U.S. automobile insurance will have limited or no coverage once you cross the border. You could be arrested if you are involved in an automobile accident without insurance.

A separate Mexican auto insurance coverage can be purchased from a business that specialized in it. You should be able to obtain an insurance that covers your duration of stay. Allstate and Geico, for example, both sell coverage for one-day vacations and up to a year.

You will pay a payment that is separate from your auto insurance coverage in the United States. On the dates you choose, your coverage will begin and stop. You will not be covered if you drive outside of your policy’s effective dates, and you will be subject to Mexican law’s fines and penalties.

  • Your policy number for vehicle insurance in the United States (you can find it on your proof of insurance or policy)

Can I drive in Mexico with US insurance?

Your motor insurance in the United States will not protect you once you reach the Mexican border. To legally drive in Mexico, you’ll need a particular Mexican vehicle insurance coverage, which you may get from an insurance agent.

What happens if you don’t have car insurance in Mexico?

You might be fined between 2,000 and 4,000 pesos if you’re found driving without insurance. If you cause a serious accident without insurance, you may be arrested until you can present proof of responsibility, which demonstrates that you have the financial capacity to pay for the harm you caused.

How much is Mexican car insurance per day?

On average, a full-coverage Mexican auto insurance policy costs $20.72 each day. Your rates are determined by the time of year you travel, the brand and model of your vehicle, and the length of time you intend to stay. Unlike in the United States, your driving record has no bearing on the pricing.

We looked at the companies with whom AAA, Progressive, and GEICO had associated. They are based in Mexico and underwrite all insurance coverage directly, as needed by local driving rules.

Short-Term Auto Insurance Policies

Depending on how long you want to stay in Mexico, you may need to purchase short-term auto insurance. Fortunately, most policies are available for a single day, one week, six months, or a year. For those looking for insurance for a day excursion across the border, daily policies are a popular choice. If you only need auto insurance for one day, a one-day policy will be less expensive than a weekly policy. To get the most accurate pricing, make sure to specify your travel dates.

Do I need a vehicle permit for Rocky Point?

Prepare for a pleasant, peaceful, and simply fantastic holiday on Puerto Penasco’s infinite sandy beaches.

Puerto Penasco is a “free zone” about 65 miles from the Arizona point of entry in Lukeville, Arizona. As a result, no special vehicle permissions are necessary to enter Rocky Point.

All travelers driving their own vehicles into Mexico must obtain Mexican auto insurance. Liability insurance is essential, and comprehensive coverage is advised.

Rocky Point is a short, safe, and easy trip away. The Lukeville / Sonoyta port of entry on AZ 85 is open from 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, for crossing the Arizona / Mexico border (currently 6am to 8pm due to Covid).


For Mexico customs inspection, there is a random red light / green light system once you enter the border. You’ll get a green light 70% of the time, and you’ll be able to enter Mexico without any further questions or customs checks. If you come across a red light, pull into an open inspection parking place for a regular customs entry inspection by a Mexican customs officer.

They will interrogate you about your visit and may inspect your personal possessions.

Other questions from the normal protocol may be asked. Don’t be jittery, and don’t appear to be suspicious. Answer the questions honestly and be yourself. They’ll tell you when it’s time to move on.

  • The title or registration of your car, as well as any towed units, travel trailers, recreational vehicles, etc., verifies ownership. A bill of sale is not sufficient evidence of ownership. You must get a letter from the actual owner approving you to take the vehicle into Mexico if it is leased, rented, or owned by a company.


The Mexican government may also conduct random checkpoints along the 65-mile roadway leading to Rocky Point; this is regular protocol, just as the US does on the north side of the border.


Per passenger traveling inside the vehicle, you are allowed to bring $300 USD in new products.

  • Personal luggage is exempt from duty. If you’re carrying products into Mexico that aren’t necessary for clothes or hygiene, you’ll have to declare them at customs.
  • Personal use of medicine is permitted. You must have a valid prescription from your doctor in order to bring prescription medication into Mexico.
  • Cooked or dried mushrooms and dried truffles, roasted coffee, dried prunes, packed spices, dried herbs, preserved fruits and vegetables
  • Health certificates and rabies vaccine records are required for dogs and cats (a limit of two per trip).


  • More than $10,000 in US dollars or equivalents, as well as other monetary instruments
  • Illegal drugs and/or restricted substances are prohibited. “Medical marijuana” is included in this category.


Make sure you pay attention to the road signs and directions. In kilometers, speed indicators are displayed. Because one kilometer is equal to.6 of a mile, a speed limit of 90 km/hr is equivalent to 54 miles per hour.

Because the route from the border to the highway is considered a residential road with many children playing in the neighborhood, the Sonoyta police are alert about speeding in the region. Make sure you’re not going over the speed limit. If you receive a speeding citation in Mexico, you must accompany the officer to the police station and pay the fine. Paying the ticket to the police at the traffic stop is not permitted.

When travelling in Mexico, you may come across The Green Angels, also known as Angeles Verdes, who are government officials who patrol the roadway between Rocky Point and the border to assist distressed motorists. There are no fees associated with their services. They patrol from dawn until dusk. To alert them, pull over to the side of the road and raise your vehicle’s hood.


You will need the following items to return to the United States via Lukeville, Arizona:

At the very least, you’ll need a birth certificate and a state-issued driver’s license. Passports or passport cards issued by the United States are desirable, but not required as of this writing. A valid birth certificate or a US passport or passport card is required for children under the age of 16.


The most cost-effective way to go to Puerto Penasco is to drive your own automobile. The most direct route to Puerto Penasco is via the Arizona border crossing in Lukeville, Arizona. The distance between Phoenix and Tucson is approximately 220 miles (350 km).

In Mexico, the majority of US insurance firms are not recognized. Make sure you get Mexican car insurance because it is required by law.

What Car insurance is mandatory in Mexico?

Unlike in the United States, you will not be required to disclose much information about your driving record when purchasing Mexico vehicle insurance. A lump-sum liability limit, some form of first-party medical insurance benefits, and uninsured motorist coverage are all included in the policy. Other endorsements, such as rental car insurance, roadside assistance, and even coverage to pay for plane tickets if your car is damaged, may be available with the top Mexican car insurance policy.

In the United States, lump-sum liability is the same as combining personal injury and property damage liability insurance. Rather of having two separate capped values, each divided into a “per accident” and “per person” basis, the lump amount can be allocated for as much as is needed in a property or physical claim.

Car insurance requirements for driving in Mexico

To drive lawfully in Mexico, you must have Mexican auto insurance, as liability coverage is required. The maximum amount you may be required to pay out if another person is wounded or killed in an accident while driving in Mexico varies depending on where you travel. Since a result, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the Mexican state in which you will be driving, as they will affect the amount of vehicle insurance you will require in Mexico.

Based on Mexican rules for potential compensation for physical injury or death, it is typically suggested that drivers obtain a minimum of $300,000 in third-party insurance.

Can I drive my leased car to Mexico?

“We own the automobile with leases, and it’s really a liability problem,” Chase spokeswoman Judy Miller explained. Before granting approval, Chase will consider the customer’s payment history, credit score, and insurance coverage.

Ford Credit, Ford Motor Company’s financing division, allows loan and lease clients to drive in Canada and Mexico for up to 30 days, but anything longer requires written approval.

Does Costco sell Mexican car insurance?

The first and most serious disadvantage is that Costco does not carry the Mexican vehicle insurance policy that is required to drive in Mexico. This insurance is referred to as tourist auto insurance, and it is required for any foreigner who wishes to drive in Mexico.

Is my car insurance good in Mexico?

Most standard auto insurance coverage in the United States do not cover Mexico. So, if you’re taking the family wagon south of the border, you’ll need more coverage. GEICO, for example, sells Mexico-specific insurance packages for vehicles, RVs, and motorbikes. Those plans are only available for as long as you are in the nation.