Does Barclays Phone Insurance Cover Cracked Screen?

A scratched screen on a tablet or smartphone, for example, would not be covered, but a cracked screen would. Your device’s contents We only cover the gadget; the contents are not covered.

How do I make a claim on my Barclays phone insurance?

You can still make claims and manage your Pack using the Barclays app, Online Banking, or the website You can also dial 0345 528 0182.

How soon can I claim on Barclays phone insurance?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use it for up to 24 hours after the loss or theft is discovered. Only when a claim for the mobile phone has been approved can a claim for network charges be considered. At the time of claim, gadgets must be less than 5 years old.

Can I claim back tech pack Barclays?

– You may file a claim online at, using our Tech Pack device insurance app (find it on iTunes or Google Play by searching for ‘Tech Pack Mobile and Gadget Cover’), or by phoning our customer service line at 0800 158 3199*.

How do I claim on Barclays insurance?

You may quickly file a claim by signing into MyPolicy and clicking ‘Make a claim,’ or by filling out our online form if you aren’t a MyPolicy member.

Between Monday and Friday, 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., one of our claims advisers will attempt to contact you within two hours.

Is phone insurance worth it?

Smartphones are high-value commodities these days, and because many of them cost more than £500 outright, most of us can only afford one on a contract.

A phone contract spreads the cost of the phone over two years and includes texts, data, and phone calls in addition to the device. Even if you pay anywhere from £10 to £80 per month for your phone contract, if something goes wrong with it or it breaks beyond repair outside of its warranty, you’ll be responsible for the payments to your network provider for the balance of your contract period – even if you can’t use it. This is where phone coverage comes in handy.

You’ll have to pay an excess contribution in order to file a claim. The amount of excess you pay will be determined by the type of claim you file, and it must be paid in order for your claim to be resolved.

When determining whether or not phone insurance is worth it for you, consider the cost of the premium and the excess payment against the cost of replacing your phone – and the possibility that you will need to do so.

How do I get phone insurance?

It is possible to receive a phone insurance quote online. You’ll be asked to fill out a variety of personal information, including your contact information, and you’ll need to know what phone model you have. If you like the quotation you get, you may apply for a policy right away – and you’ll be well on your way to being fully protected.

How soon can I claim on phone insurance?

You should be aware that certain phone insurance companies’ coverage does not begin for another 14 days. So if something goes wrong with your phone within that time, you’re not insured, and they won’t compensate you. Make certain you read the fine print!

You can make a claim on your phone insurance as soon as your phone is lost, damaged, or stolen with the more reputable firms, regardless of how long you’ve had the policy. To guarantee that the claim is valid, the insurance team will conduct the appropriate checks.

If your phone is stolen, you should inform your local police station as soon as you detect it is gone and write down the incident number. You should also contact your network provider to get your account suspended so that unauthorised usage of your phone is prevented. Then, send this information to your insurance company so that they may begin processing your claim.

What to say when claiming phone insurance

When you call to make an insurance claim, you must communicate honestly with the person on the other end of the line. Say you’re looking to file a claim when you call, and the person on the other end of the line will walk you through the process.

You’ll also need these two items from your network operator if your phone is lost or stolen:

The claims process with so-sure can be completed online using our simple form. This can be completed and submitted at any time; we’ll only need to speak with you again if we require additional papers or information.

Who is Barclays gadget insurance with?

Barclays Technology Insurance is a company that insures technology. Likewize manages mobile and device insurance, which is underwritten by American International Group UK Limited (“AIG UK”). There are terms, conditions, exclusions, and qualifying criteria that must be met.

Does Barclays Premier include phone insurance?

If you have a Qualifying Account, you can get this mobile phone insurance as part of the Premier Tech Pack. The Premier Current Account, Barclays Bank Account, or Barclays Basic Current Account to which your Premier Tech Pack has been attached is the Qualifying Account.

How do I claim phone insurance?

You must immediately contact your cell phone’s network and have your phone blacklisted. Within 24 hours of the theft, you must report it to the nearest police station and acquire a case number, then contact your insurance provider to file a claim.