Does Medexpress Take Insurance?

We want to offer you with accurate cost information so you may select the medical provider that is best for you. MedExpress charges $119-229 for individuals without insurance, depending on the state you live in and the type of COVID-19 test you need.

Does MedExpress take Highmark insurance?

According to Sorice, MedExpress has had a 15-year partnership with Highmark. According to her, MedExpress is in-network with all of the major health plans in the area.

Who owns MedExpress?

UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, and its Optum medical care services unit, which purchased MedExpress in 2015 and continues to open urgent care clinics around the country, are the major payers.

Is MedExpress a profit?

MedExpress clinics, which were founded in West Virginia, provide urgent care, workplace health services, and basic wellness and preventative programs to people of all ages. THP, a non-profit organization, has provided member coverage at MedExpress since its inception in the state of West Virginia.

Can I go to urgent care without insurance?

If you have an urgent need, you should go to urgent care even if you don’t have insurance. Although they charge fees for their services, urgent care centers are often less expensive than hospital emergency rooms. A typical urgent care center visit can cost roughly $100 in most regions. The cost may be higher if more therapy is required or if the doctor or PA recommends medication.

Prescription medication, on the other hand, is not covered by an urgent care center’s fees, so individuals without insurance may have to pay for it at the drugstore. Doctors at an urgent care center may be able to give out small amounts of medication in the form of samples in some situations, but many are now discouraged from doing so in order to save samples for patients who attend the center. Patients without insurance may benefit from generic prescriptions because they lower the cost of medication.

Is MedExpress part of Optum?

Optum, a major health-care provider, has announced a partnership with MedExpress, a national pioneer in high-quality, low-cost walk-in care. The acquisition agreement’s terms were not disclosed.

MedExpress and Optum are both focused on increasing community access to high-quality, cost-effective health care services. Consumers, health systems, businesses, and health plans are increasingly demanding more convenient, lower-cost services for a wide range of outpatient health care needs on an unplanned basis.

“MedExpress has raised the bar for patient care quality, convenience, and compassion in the communities it serves,” stated Larry Renfro, CEO of Optum. “We are excited to work with MedExpress to build on the excellent treatment and services it now delivers, as well as to spread this innovative and successful approach to care to new cities across the country.”

MedExpress presently has 141 full-service neighborhood medical facilities in 11 states and expects to expand even further in 2015 by building 25 to 30 more centers in both existing and new states.

“MedExpress’s CEO, Frank Alderman, M.D., stated, “Partnering with a health services innovator like Optum will help us further achieve our commitment on improving the health of the communities we serve.” “Optum shares our commitment to ensuring that individuals have access to care when and where they need it. Optum is a pioneer in assisting local physicians in providing the best possible care to their patients.”

MedExpress services go beyond traditional urgent care clinic offerings to include wellness and prevention, medications, blood testing, imaging and lab services, as well as workers’ compensation and occupational medical services, which help companies meet their employees’ health needs.

The merger will allow Optum to connect its care management and clinical programs with MedExpress’ offerings, making it easier for patients to access local health resources and treatment alternatives. Patients and doctors alike can benefit from Optum analytic tools and insights that help them make better care decisions and achieve better health outcomes.

Is MedExpress CAP accredited?

The Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and biggest standards-setting and accrediting authority in health care, has awarded MedExpress the Gold Seal of Approval. On May 28, 2020, a press release was issued.