How Do You Spell Insurance In Spanish?

el seguro noun. assurance, tumbler de seguros adjective. insurance, aseguradora adjective. insurance (1)…

(frequently used) seguro m (plural: seguros m). Loss or damage is covered by the insurance coverage. — Coverage for loss or damage is included in the insurance policy (2)…

As a native Argentine, I can confirm that the word for insurance is Seguro or Aseguradora. 6. Make a response (3)…

How do you say the word insurance?

This term is pronounced two ways in North America: insurance and insurance.

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How do you spell Seguro?

Seguro is a cognate of the English word “secure,” and it has many of the same connotations as “secure” as well as a few new ones. It’s most commonly used to relate to notions like safety, security, and dependability, as well as concepts that overlap. Although additional meanings are conceivable, the most prevalent ones are “secure,” “safe,” and “certain.”