How To Cancel Blue Shield Insurance California?

To have your current medical plan cancelled, call Customer Service at (855) 836-9705. Blue Shield cannot lawfully cancel your plan without your permission. If you don’t terminate your plan, you’ll end up with two active plans and two sets of bills.

After you’ve paid for your current medical plan’s last month of coverage.

For example, if you want to buy a new medical plan through Covered California with a May 1 start date, you must first pay your current medical plan’s April premium. You can then call Customer Service to terminate your Blue Shield plan at the end of the month after making your payment.

Can I cancel my medical insurance at any time?

For example, if you wish to terminate your health insurance plan, there are some requirements that you should be aware of. You can cancel your health insurance plan at any time without having to wait a certain amount of time. The amount of money you’ll get back depends on when you cancelled the insurance. Continue reading to learn more about the health insurance plan’s cancellation policy.

How do I cancel my Anthem Blue Cross California?

Unless you choose a new Medi-Cal plan, you will continue to receive your Medi-Cal services through Anthem Blue Cross if you quit our Cal MediConnect plan.

The majority of long-term services and supports, as well as behavioral health care, are covered by Medi-Cal.

If you desire to switch Medi-Cal plans, you must inform Health Care Options when you request to terminate your membership with our Cal MediConnect plan.

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., call Health Care Options at 1-844-580-7272. Call 1-800-430-7077 if you are using a TTY. Inform them that you wish to leave the Anthem Blue Cross Cal MediConnect Plan and join another Medi-Cal plan. They can tell you about different plans in your area if you aren’t sure which one you want to join.

NOTE: You will receive a new Member ID Card, a new Member Handbook, and a new Provider and Pharmacy Directory for your Medi-Cal coverage when your membership with our Cal MediConnect plan expires.

How do I cancel my Covered California membership?

Logging onto your Covered California account will allow you to cancel your health or dental plan.

This request must be submitted at least 14 days in advance to be processed by Covered California. It is strongly advised that you request that your plan be terminated at the end of the month. For example, if you want to discontinue your coverage on June 30, you must call Covered California by June 16 to request cancellation.

It is not advisable to request a termination in the middle of the month. Because your health or dental insurance provider is not required to return prorated premiums, this is the case. So, if you phone on June 1 and ask to cancel your plan on June 15, your insurance provider may not be able to refund you for the rest of June.

Furthermore, you may have a gap in health coverage because your next health or dental plan will most likely begin on the first of the following month. As a result, if you need to cancel your plan, it’s best to request a cancellation that takes effect at the end of the month.

Is there a penalty for Cancelling health insurance?

Yes, you can typically terminate your health insurance without incurring any penalties. If you live in a state with its own coverage mandate, you may be subject to a tax penalty. Your cancellation may take effect immediately, or you may specify a future date, such as when your new coverage will begin.

Canceling Anthem Insurance by Phone

You can call the Blue Shield phone line to terminate your Anthem Insurance coverage:

Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time, you can call the customer service number.

You should try canceling by phone first, according to Anthem Insurance. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to try one of the other options.

How To Cancel Anthem Insurance by Sending a Letter

If calling Anthem Insurance didn’t fix your problem, you might try canceling your policy by mail. To do so, print and fill out the Anthem cancellation form, which also includes room for you to discuss any issues you may have with Anthem Insurance.

You should also send the paper to the California Department of Managed Health Care at the following address:

The help center typically responds within 30 days, although this time frame might be extended for up to two weeks. After that period is passed, you should receive a letter informing you that your cover has been canceled.

Canceling Anthem Insurance via Company’s Website

You can visit the Anthem Insurance website to terminate your insurance coverage. Fill out the Member Change Form with your contact information and check the appropriate boxes to indicate that you want to cancel.

Within 60 days of the intended cancellation date, you must submit the termination details. This will prevent Anthem from paying you for another month while your termination is being processed.

If you are still being charged after that time, contact the company via the Ask Customer Service page or the Live Chat for General Assistance.

How do I contact Anthem Blue Cross California?

Anthem Blue Cross Cal MediConnect Plan Customer Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-855-817-5786 for Care Management assistance.

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