How To Download United India Insurance Policy?

Following the methods outlined below, you may quickly download the United India Car Insurance Policy using a policy number:

Step 1: Go to United India Insurance’s official website. From the drop-down menus above the webpage, select ‘Customer service.’ Select ‘Check Payment Status/Online Policy Download’ from the list of options.

Step 2: Next, type a 20-digit transaction ID or the policy number into the search box and press the ‘Search’ button.

Step 3: Using the information on the screen, you can view and download your policy paper in PDF format, as well as print it.

How do I download an insurance copy?

If you acquired your two-wheeler insurance coverage online, getting a duplicate copy of your policy will be much easier and quicker. You’ll need to take the following steps to accomplish this:

In addition, the insurance company must have sent you a copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy via your registered email address when you purchased it online. You can use it for commuting or even filing a claim while you wait.

How can I download my e India United insurance Card?

We make our Two-Wheeler, Private Car, Commercial Vehicle, Standalone Compulsory PA, Individual Health, and Family Medicare Policies available to the general public through DigiLocker. From now on, you will be able to add your policies to your DigiLocker account.

DigiLocker ( is a cloud-based platform supplied by the National eGovernance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) as part of the Digital India Initiative for the digital issuing and verification of papers and certificates.

We have now integrated ourselves with DigiLocker ( as a “Issuer” of Documents, making all Two-Wheeler, Private Car, Commercial Vehicle, Standalone Compulsory PA (available under Insurance Policy – Personal Accident), Individual Health and Family Medicare Insurance policies (both available under Insurance Policy – Health) policies (both current and past policies) available via DigiLocker (both current and past policies). We are listed under the

After selecting the proper policy type, you can access the policies by supplying three parameters. The required parameters are as follows:

If any of the above parameters does not match the information in our database, an error message will appear, explaining the discrepancy, and you will be requested to enter the right information again.

If the information you submitted is correct, the policy document will be added to your DigiLocker account and given a unique URI. The document can be shared using this URI.

Step 1: Choose United India Insurance Co. from the drop-down menu. Ltd., in the section “Banking and Insurance.”

Step 3: After selecting the consent option, enter the Search parameters in the appropriate fields and select “Get Document.”

Step 4: Once the policy document has been retrieved from our repository, it will be added to your DigiLocker account’s “Issued Documents” section.

How do I download insurance copy with policy number?

You can’t afford to lose your auto insurance paperwork, which are among the most critical documents relating to your vehicle. The new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2016 stipulates that anyone driving without a legal and current auto insurance policy will be fined Rs.2,000. Your car’s safety and security will also be jeopardized in this situation.

Even if you’ve taken all the essential safeguards, if your insurance paper goes missing, don’t panic; instead, act quickly to obtain duplicate copies of the lost policy.

Here are a few fast techniques for obtaining duplicate copies of your insurance documents with minimal effort:

Contact your insurance agent:

If you purchased your car insurance through an insurance agent rather than directly from the insurance company, notify the individual as soon as you become aware of the missing documents. The majority of agents now retain a copy of their customers’ insurance documents on hand. Inform the person about the missing documents and request that he or she send a PDF copy of the document.

Write to the insurance company:

In most cases, insurance firms offer email help to their customers with any automobile insurance-related question or issue. If you have lost or forgotten your automobile insurance number and do not have any details, write to your insurer’s customer service email ID from your registered email address to notify them of the loss. This will prove your validity. Make sure to include the following information in your email:

These particulars will assist the insurer in locating the specifics of your insurance policy. They will either email you a soft copy of the insurance policy or mail you the policy information.

Download a duplicate policy papers:

A PDF version of your auto insurance policy will be sent to your email address.

If the measures above don’t work for you, you should call your insurance carrier right away. You may need to go to the branch in question with a written application explaining why you need a duplicate copy. When you request a duplicate policy paper from your insurer, you may be charged a small cost. The following are the measures to take:

File a police complaint:

Without a copy of the FIR, some insurance firms will not supply duplicate automobile insurance paperwork. If this is the situation with your insurer, report the loss of your car insurance paperwork to the nearest police station in your region. After that, you must file an application to the police station in order to receive a copy of the FIR. Once you’ve received a copy of the FIR, send it to your insurance provider with a written application.

Submit an application:

You must submit an application for duplicate policy issuance in order to obtain a copy of your auto insurance documents. When filling out the application, make sure to include all of the necessary information, such as the policyholder’s name, policy number, policy issuance date, and policy cover type. You must also explain how and why the policy documents were misplaced. Submit a combined application with the other policyholder if the policy was purchased jointly. This guarantees that both policyholders are aware of the incident and that a duplicate insurance policy is obtained with his or her permission.

Publish an advertisement:

In the event that your insurance papers are lost, you must place an advertisement in a local newspaper with a wide circulation telling the public of the loss. Remember that in such circumstances, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the advertisement. Keep the following considerations in mind while placing an ad in the newspaper:

Submit a copy of the advertisement to the insurance company once it has been published in the newspaper to obtain a duplicate copy.

Get an indemnity bond:

This is the final step in obtaining a duplicate of your auto insurance policy. You must guarantee in the bond that you will indemnify the corporation if someone other than you or your nominee makes a claim in the future. The bond must be acknowledged in front of a notary public. To get the indemnity bond, you must pay the fee as well as the stamp charge. Once you have the paperwork, you must submit it to the insurance provider in order to obtain a copy of your auto insurance documents.

Points to Remember

If you’ve misplaced your vehicle insurance policy paperwork, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • All automobiles operating in India are required to carry third-party vehicle insurance. Driving without a valid third-party liability insurance policy is considered prohibited. As a result, as soon as you learn about the loss or theft of your insurance papers, request for a duplicate copy as soon as possible.
  • Keep your car insurance records in a secure location to protect their safety. You might also preserve photocopies of the original insurance paperwork so that you can show them to the authorities in the event of an accident.
  • Another method for preserving your materials is to save them as digital documents. Such materials can be saved as digital documents in apps and printed as needed.

Apply for a new car insurance policy online

The next step is to obtain a new set of insurance documents after reporting the loss or theft of your car insurance policy papers. You have the option of requesting a duplicate copy of your current insurance policy or applying for a new one. If you use this as an opportunity to switch to a new auto insurance coverage, research several policies and choose the best offer possible.

You can do so by going to the insurance company’s website directly or via third-party websites. When you’re finished, you can apply for the coverage online from the comfort of your own home or workplace. The online application process is simple, quick, and painless.

How do I find my insurance policy number online?

Checking your policy papers is the simplest approach to locate your vehicle insurance policy number. Your policy number will be listed on your policy document, whether it is for comprehensive or third-party insurance. If you bought your policy online, you should have received a soft copy of your policy document in the mail, which you may look over to find your policy number.

Insurer’s Website/ Mobile App

If you acquired your auto insurance policy online through your insurer’s website, you can access your policy number by logging into your account. You will be asked to give a few details, such as your car’s registration number, your name, and phone number, in order to regain your account. Some of the best auto insurance providers also have mobile apps where you can get information about your four-wheeler policy. To log in to your account, simply provide the requested information.

Insurance Agent

If you purchased your vehicle insurance coverage through an agent, you must contact him or her to obtain your policy number. Insurance agents typically keep a copy of their clients’ policy details and may be able to assist you in locating your auto insurance policy number.

Telephonic Assistance

Those who did not purchase automobile insurance online or through an agent can obtain their policy number by contacting their motor insurance company over the phone. Every insurer has a customer service department to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. You can get your policy number by calling your insurer’s customer care number. All you have to do is give the customer service representative the needed information, and he or she will tell you your vehicle insurance policy number. The customer service phone number can be found on the insurer’s website.

Visit Nearest Branch of the Insurance Provider

You can also go to your auto insurance provider’s local branch to find out your policy number. For verification, the branch executive may ask for a few details. They’ll tell you your auto insurance policy number after they’ve verified your information.

Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

Another option is to go to the Insurance Information Bureau’s website and look up your vehicle insurance policy number (IIB). In digital format, the IIB keeps track of all vehicle insurance plans in India. You can fill out the required information and obtain your policy number. If you need to know the insurance number of the car that hit your car in an accident, this website is quite useful.

How can I check my car insurance policy status?

VAHAN can be used to check the status of your insurance.

Now enter the vehicle’s registration number and the verification code.

How can I check my motor insurance online?

How Can I Check My Car Insurance Status On The Internet?

  • Fill in the required information, such as the registered name, phone number, email address, street address, accident date, and vehicle registration number.

How do I download insurance from Iffco Tokio?

You can go to IFFCO Tokio’s official website and select the’support’ option. After that, policy copy is automatically selected, and you can choose the ‘Policy Download’ option. To download the policy, fill in all of the essential information and then click ‘Download Policy.’

How can I download insurance copy in Cholamandalam?

MS Cholamandalam Policyholders of General Insurance can download their automobile insurance policy documentation by visiting their website and providing their policy number. The following are the processes for downloading the policy paper from the internet:

Step 1: Go to Cholamandalam MS General Insurance’s website, click on the ‘Customer Services’ button, and scroll down to the ‘Email Policy Copy’ option.

Step 2: To proceed, enter your 17-digit policy number without any slashes or unusual characters and click the submit button.

Step 3: Select the option to download the vehicle insurance policy paperwork once you’ve logged in to the customer site. It will then be delivered to their registered email address.