How To Use AXS Machine To Pay Insurance?

How does AXS machine work?

AXS Station is a multi-application and interactive self-service terminal that offers a variety of services, including bill and fine payment, online government eServices, prepaid top-up, ticketing, and more. ATM cards, some credit cards, and PayNow are all accepted at all stations.

How do I pay S&CC AXS?

Every month on the 1st, service and conservation charges are due without demand (i.e. there will be no invoice sent for residential units). A penalty charge will be applied if payment is late for the current month.

The following payment methods are available to you in order to make it easier for you to make your payment.

Only cash, NETS, cheque, money order, or credit card payments made directly to the Town Council office will be issued with a receipt.

Select Recurring Bill Payment as the payment option and choose UOB Credit or Debit Card as the primary payment option

Based on up to 6% payback on a $100 monthly SP recurring bill payment over a period of 12 months.

Can I use credit card to pay at AXS machine?

Is it possible to pay with a credit card on AXS e-Station? Yes, except for credit card and loan bills, you can now pay all bills, top-ups, and other expenses with Mastercard, DBS/POSB Visa/Mastercard, Citibank Visa/Mastercard, OCBC Visa/Mastercard, UOB Visa/Mastercard credit cards, and Diners Club credit cards.

What is AXS payment limit?

The maximum amount per transaction at AXS Kiosk is $3,000. If the invoice total exceeds $3,000, please make additional payments. The maximum payment amount for eNETS via e-Station and m-Station is $9999.99, or the daily transaction limit established by you or the default provided by the Bank.

Why is AXS blocked?

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Can we pay AXS online?

AXS e-Station provides access to AXS Station’s available bills, fines, prepaid card top-up, and selected eServices through the internet. This new channel gives internet consumers additional access and convenience because they may now make payments from the comfort of their own homes, at any time and on any day.