Is PPS Same As National Insurance Number?

In Northern Ireland, a Personal Public Service (PPS) number is the equivalent of a National Insurance number.

It’s a one-of-a-kind identifier that you can use in any transactions you have with government agencies, such as claiming benefits or registering with the Revenue Commissioners.

Is PPS number National Insurance number?

In the Republic of Ireland, a National Insurance (NI) number is equivalent to a Personal Public Service (PPS) number. Please remember that you must live or work in Northern Ireland to apply.

What is a PPS number in the UK?

Your PPS number is a one-of-a-kind reference number that allows you to access social welfare payments, government services, and information in Ireland. A PPS Number is always made up of seven numbers followed by one or two letters.

Can an Irish citizen get a National Insurance number?

When looking for work, flexibility is becoming increasingly vital. If you need to travel between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, here are some pointers to help you navigate the process.

To work in Northern Ireland, you’ll need a National Insurance (NI) number. You must call the Jobcentre Plus National Insurance helpdesk at +44 (0)845 600 0643 to apply for an NI number. More information is available at

The Personal Public Service (PPS) number is the Republic of Ireland’s equivalent of the NI number. The local Social Welfare office can provide you with a PPS number. Visit for further details.

You’ll have to open a new bank account. Remember that the currencies are different: in the Republic, you’ll be paid in euros, whereas in Northern Ireland, you’ll be paid in pounds.

If you work in Northern Ireland, the UK National Health Service covers the majority of your medical needs. In the Republic, you must pay to see a doctor (unless you are eligible for a medical card). This might cost as much as â50 per visit. Many people purchase health insurance, which is frequently offered by their jobs.

The Eureka Cross-Border Partnership was established to assist persons who must commute across the border (known as “frontier laborers”).

Is social insurance number the same as PPS number?

Until 1998, the PPS Number was referred to as the Revenue and Social Insurance Number (RSI No). In April 1979, RSI Numbers were introduced as a replacement for the separate PAYE Number and Social Welfare Insurance Number, which had previously been used for income tax and social welfare purposes. The Revenue Commissioners issued the PAYE Number, which was then transferred to the RSI No system as the foundation for the unified system.

The PPS Number is now utilized in Ireland to access a wide range of government services. The Department of Social Protection keeps track of who is legally permitted to use the PPS Number.

From 1971 forward, everyone born in Ireland gets a PPS Number, which is now assigned as part of the birth registration process. Since 1979, anybody who has worked or received a Social Welfare benefit in Ireland has been granted a PPS Number.

How do I get my National Insurance number NI?

If you don’t know your National Insurance number, you can look it up quickly and easily online using your personal tax account. On a paper, look for your National Insurance number.

Do I already have a National Insurance number?

If you live in the United Kingdom and have the legal right to work there, you can apply for a National Insurance number.

You must also be seeking for work in the UK or have a job offer. You can still apply if you’ve already begun working.

  • own a biometric residency permit (BRP) with a printed National Insurance number
  • are simply requesting a National Insurance number in order to apply for benefits or a student loan

If you’re a UK resident aged 19 or under

If both of the following are true, you should receive a National Insurance number in the three months leading up to your 16th birthday.

If you have a BRP

If you have a BRP, you may already have a National Insurance number, which is printed on the back of your BRP.

If you plan to work, you must apply for a National Insurance number if you do not already have one. You can only apply if you are in the United Kingdom.

If you’re applying for benefits or a student loan

To apply for benefits or a student loan, you do not need a National Insurance number. If your application for benefits or a student loan is approved, you will receive one.

What is a PSC number?

A Public Services Card (PSC) is a card that allows you to use a variety of government services. It’s normally given out when you get a Personal Public Service (PPS) number, which is required for everyone in Ireland to receive social welfare benefits, public services, and certain information.

Your MyGovID account is based on the PSC, and it allows you to create an account on to access Irish government services online.

Who can ask for your PPS number?

Who is eligible for a PPS Number? A PPS number can only be obtained if you require it to access public services. If you’re starting a new employment, for example, you’ll need a PPS number to pay taxes.