What Insurance Group Is A Mini Cooper Convertible?

Is insurance high on Mini Coopers?

Is it expensive to insure a Mini Cooper? If you’re considering purchasing a new Mini Cooper, you might be wondering how much insurance will cost.

The exceptional fuel efficiency helps keep gas prices down, and its strong manufacturing keeps maintenance costs low. Mini Cooper motor insurance costs aren’t too high.

Fortunately, insurance costs are modest, making the Mini Cooper a relatively inexpensive car to own and operate.

Insuring a Mini Cooper costs around $1,250 per year on average. When compared to other imported sub-compact automobiles, this makes it fairly affordable.

The car’s safety and economy help keep rates low, and compared to high-performance muscle cars, it attracts a relatively low-risk driver demographic.

Of course, the total cost of insuring a new Mini Cooper will vary depending on who buys the car.

Your rates may be more or lower than the average, depending on your driving history, age, gender, credit score, and geographic region.

Mini Cooper vehicle insurance rates will differ from one insurer to the next, and not all insurers give the same discounts to all customers.

You can see how one of these criteria, the Mini’s age, influences your prices in the table below.

Is a Mini Cooper cheap to insure?

The cost of insuring a Mini is determined by two factors: your personal driving circumstances and the car insurance group the vehicle is assigned to (there are 50 car insurance groups, with the higher the group, the higher the cost to insure).

For example, if you are a rookie driver, you will almost certainly pay more to insure your Mini than an experienced driver. Other factors, including as where you keep your car overnight and vehicle modifications, may influence your premiums.

The majority of Minis fall into the average vehicle insurance classification, which means they’re relatively inexpensive to insure. The great majority are in their early and mid-teens and early twenties, with a few in their mid-thirties.

Is insurance on convertibles higher?

Insuring a convertible for physical damage may be more expensive than insuring a comparable vehicle with a hard top. The higher expense of insuring a convertible may be due to the vehicle’s higher purchase price as well as its increased theft risk.

Does insurance go up for convertible?

You may fantasize about driving down the highway in your new convertible with the top down and the wind flowing through your hair, but there are a few things you should know before purchasing that gleaming new convertible. Whether you prefer a hard top or a “rag top,” a convertible will almost certainly cost more than a car with a normal top of the same make and model.

Perhaps you’ve heard that insuring a convertible costs more than insuring other vehicles. That rumor also has a lot of truth. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions offers four reasons why you should think about the expense of buying a convertible before pulling out your cash. You might end up being glad you did!

1.) Convertibles are not only more expensive to buy, but they are also more expensive to insure.

Convertibles are more expensive to buy than sedans, owing to the additional moving parts required to operate the convertible top. Soft top convertibles may be more expensive to insure than cars with standard tops or hard top convertibles, despite the fact that auto insurance prices vary by vehicle. Soft top convertibles may be regarded less safe than cars with standard tops or hard top convertibles.

2.) The more the horsepower, the higher the insurance premium.

Many convertibles are also regarded as sporting vehicles. Because the convertible is classified as a sports car, you should expect to pay more for auto insurance if it has a V6 or V8 engine. Sports cars with high top speeds, according to insurance firms, are more likely to be involved in high-speed collisions.

3.) Soft-Top Convertibles Are More Likely To Be Stolen Or Vandalized

By simply cutting the top with a knife, a textile drop-top can be easily broken into. Because insurance firms are aware of the increased risk, they charge higher rates for convertibles.

4.) Convertibles with hard tops add to the overall weight of the vehicle.

Your car insurance costs are affected by the weight of your vehicle. Due to the additional pieces required to move the top up and down, retractable hard top convertibles weigh more than conventional cars. Your car insurance prices will rise as a result of the extra weight.

Before you buy a convertible, check with your insurance agent to see what kind of rates you’ll have to pay to insure it. Do your homework before jumping into a purchase just because you like the car. Though your insurance rates are influenced by factors such as your driving history, age, credit score, homeownership status, and marital status, insuring a convertible may result in higher rates than you are willing to spend.

Another factor to consider is that convertibles attract attention, thus you may be more likely to get stopped by police when driving. More tickets are issued to red cars than any other color. If you choose a red convertible, you should expect extra scrutiny from law enforcement personnel while on the road. Though there is no empirical proof to back up these claims, they may provide you food for thought when you buy for your next vehicle.

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What year Mini Cooper should be avoided?

According to Consumer Reports surveys, many of the numerous Mini Cooper versions had faults throughout time. The worst years for the Mini Cooper, according to some of the lowest anticipated dependability rankings, are 2006 through 2012. To be safe, there were also some problematic models in the early 2000s.

What is a Group 1 car?

Because they score well on the sequence of parameters used to establish the groups, cars in Group 1 are usually the cheapest to insure. These automobiles are normally among the most affordable to purchase, but they’re also among the most affordable to fix if they’re involved in an accident. They also have less powerful engines while scoring well in other areas, such as having superior safety and security measures.

How much is it to insure a Mini Cooper?

Cost of Mini Cooper Insurance on the Average The average Mini Cooper driver costs $106 per month or $1276 yearly for auto insurance, according to the website The Zebra.

How much is car insurance for Mini Cooper?

The average monthly cost to insure a 2021 Mini Cooper is $152.30, according to quotes obtained from leading insurance firms. An older model, on the other hand, may result in reduced rates.

Car insurance for a 2021 Mini Cooper costs $152.30 per month, or $1,827.57 per year. Your real prices, however, are determined by your driving history, vehicle model, location, and other considerations.