Who Underwrites All Clear Travel Insurance?

AllClear is a specialty insurance for those who have pre-existing medical issues. It provides coverage for almost 1,300 medical disorders. Mapfre Asistencia underwrites its travel insurance.

Who is AllClear?

We specialize in insurance for people who have pre-existing medical issues.

Our goal is to assist anyone with a medical condition in obtaining the coverage they desire and require. We are committed to providing value to consumers of all ages and conditions. Because of our history in travel insurance, we endeavor to assist customers in traveling anywhere in the world. We accomplish this through recognizing and appreciating you as a customer.

Who owns Avanti Travel Insurance?

Avanti Travel Insurance was established in Braintree, Essex, in 2009. Avanti was sold to new owners in Northamptonshire in 2017 and is currently operated by the Howserv travel insurance firm.

Is Staysure travel insurance reliable?

Staysure travel insurance has a 4.7 Trustpilot rating, which indicates that it is dependable. They won the 2019 British Travel Awards, and their comprehensive holiday insurance is awarded 5 stars by Defaqto. This indicates that Staysure is a reliable firm with good consumer and industry expert ratings.

Can you get travel insurance from the post office?

Most pre-existing medical issues are covered by Post Office Travel Insurance. To check if we can cover you, request a quote today. The Money and Pensions Scheme (MaPS) has established a directory of organizations who may be able to help you if you have a major pre-existing medical condition that Post Office Travel Insurance will not cover. You may find the directory by going here or phoning 0800 138 7777.

Is AllClear ID legitimate?

When banks and creditors use your identity to open new accounts, AllClear Credit Monitoring sends you alerts, keeping you informed of new credit activity. Our proprietary technology eliminates the annoying and non-urgent email warnings that come with other systems, so you always know when to act. It’s possible to incorporate the Triple Bureau Option.1

  • Identity Repair: We incorporate Identity Repair with all of our services because it is so crucial. A dedicated investigator can assist you in repairing your identity if you become a victim of identity theft.
  • Identity Theft Monitoring: This service is provided in collaboration with the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA), which maintains a global database of stolen credentials. Through research and fraud prevention activities, federal law enforcement agencies, other government agencies, corporations, and academia uncover compromised consumer data and report it to the NCFTA. We notify you when we obtain compromised data from the NCFTA that matches yours.
  • Immediate Assistance from an AllClear Investigator: If you receive a secure phone alert and suspect fraud, simply press the * key to speak with one of our trained investigators.
  • Identity Theft Insurance Coverage of $1 Million: Covers certain fees, lost pay, and fraud losses associated with identity recovery. This insurance does not have a deductible.
  • If your wallet is lost or stolen, AllClear Investigators will help you deactivate and replace your credit and debit cards.
  • For those under the age of 18, ChildScan Monitoring is provided. Unauthorized use of a child’s Social Security number is detected by scanning databases. In the instance of fraud, the parent or guardian will be notified, and an AllClear Investigator will undertake a thorough investigation and assist the child in reclaiming his or her identity.

Is all clear a good company?

But that’s a little outside the scope of this review. AllClear’s identity theft services for individuals are what we’re actually interested in. We were a little cautious at first, unsure if the service would deteriorate because identity theft isn’t their major business. The good news is that AllClear has an excellent track record when it comes to customer service and satisfaction, which is quite encouraging.

How good is LV travel insurance?

LV= has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars, earning it a ‘Excellent’ overall rating. Only 2% of customers gave it a ‘Bad’ rating, while 81 percent gave it a ‘Excellent’ rating. The Trustpilot reviews apply to all LV= general insurance policies and are not unique to travel insurance. Customers have mentioned exceptional customer service and speedy and helpful claims in the travel insurance reviews we’ve looked at. Those who gave it a ‘Bad’ rating said they had difficulty with the online claims process and that their premium renewals were too costly.