Does Metro Insurance Cover Cracked Screens?

You may be eligible for a phone replacement if your smartphone sustains any physical damage covered by the Premium Handset Protection Program insurance, such as cracked screens and other unintentional damage.

Loss and Theft Protection

You can get a MetroPcs replacement if your device includes loss and theft coverage that isn’t covered by other warranty plans.

Broken Phone

MetroPCS provides a large range of phones and services, as well as MetroPcs phone deals for both existing and new consumers. Metro PCS will assist you in setting up a new service as well as repairing a cracked or broken phone. If you receive a replacement phone that is broken or cracked, you must report it to Metro PCS.

Local Repairs

If you find yourself needing phone repairs more frequently, it’s time to consider whether you want to invest in ongoing maintenance or a one-time phone replacement.

Does MetroPCS cover cracked screens?

Metro PCS has a large range of phones and services to choose from. There are numerous solutions available to match your requirements. Metro PCS will assist you in setting up new service as well as repairing a cracked or broken phone.

This program protects your device from a variety of threats, including physical harm and mechanical failure. After the Manufacturer’s Warranty has ended, the program covers you.

On the next business day, you can get a replacement for your phone. It’s practical because you won’t be without your gadget.

  • Only seven days after you activated or updated your phone will you be eligible for the Premium Handset Protection Program.

If you upgrade or purchase a new phone, you may be eligible for the Premium Handset Protection Program. You have seven days to enroll in the program from the date of upgrade or activation. You can reach out to the customer service team or go to a retail location.

You can register a claim by calling a customer service representative or going to the Metro PCS website. Your deductible will be deducted from your specified payment method. The following are some of the most crucial things to have when filing a claim:

You may be asked to answer a few questions if you call the support team to file a claim. They utilize the data to confirm your identification. You won’t be able to submit a claim unless you’re an authorized user on the phone’s account.

If you choose, you can pay your deductible in a store. Request that your deductible payment be made at a dealer near you. When choosing the in-store deductible option, you may have to pay a modest fee. You can also pay your deductible using a credit card.

If the replacement phone you receive is also broken or cracked, report it to Metro PCS.

You can call Metro PCS’s customer support staff if you need assistance. The easiest approach to get in touch with Metro PCS is by phone. You will have the opportunity to speak with a customer service representative directly. Explain your worries, and they’ll point you in the right direction. When calling for help, you may not get the assistance you require the first time. If you call again later, you could get a more helpful representative. Phone assistance is the only way to speak with an agent directly.

Twitter and Facebook are also excellent sources of assistance. They enable you to get help in a public or private setting, depending on your requirements. When you ask for help on social media platforms, the support agents may tell you to call to continue the chat.

The support desk addresses a wide range of issues. It might make it easier for you to acquire the aid you require quickly. Before contacting the support employees directly, get assistance at the help desk.

Does phone insurance cover cracked screens?

The most comprehensive insurance package from T-Mobile, Protection 360, covers device malfunctions, accidental damage (including cracked screens and water damage), loss, and theft. Additional accessories that came with your phone are only covered if they are lost or stolen in the same accident as your phone.

What does MetroPCS insurance cover?

  • After the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, comprehensive coverage for loss and theft, accidental damage, including liquid damage, and malfunctions due to mechanical or electrical breakdown is available.
  • For claims granted before 8:30 p.m. EST, next business-day shipment is offered at no additional cost.
  • When you buy or upgrade a qualified Metro by T-Mobile smartphone, or when you bring your own eligible handset to Metro, you can enroll in Premium Handset Protection or PHP Device Insurance. Within 30 days of activation, device insurance must be applied, and a visual mechanical examination is required. Please visit your nearest Metro by T-Mobile store to learn more about device protection or to add it.
  • At any time, you can sign up for McAfee Security for Metro by T-Mobile with ID Theft Protection.

Will MetroPCS replace my broken phone?

Your device will be replaced with a similar type and quality reconditioned device. If a reconditioned equipment is not available, a new device of similar type and quality will be substituted. The new gadget is covered by either a 180-day or the original manufacturer’s warranty, whichever is longer.

How much does it cost to fix my cracked phone screen?

How frequently do you find yourself with a cracked phone screen that needs to be replaced right away? Smart Phone screens are now composed of Gorilla Glass, which is far more durable than older phones. However, this does not rule out the possibility of it cracking or breaking if your Smart Phone is dropped. If your phone’s screen is damaged, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, you’ll need to replace it. The cost of replacing a phone screen varies depending on the company, phone, and model. We’ve gathered information from a variety of websites and forums to help you figure out how much it will cost to fix your phone screen. Before we go any further, let’s get a general notion of how much Phone Screen Repair costs.

A broken Android phone screen can cost anywhere between $100 and $300 to repair. A DIY phone screen repair, on the other hand, may cost $15 to $40. An iPhone 11 screen replacement costs $199 for an iPhone 11 display, $279 for an iPhone 11 Pro display, and $329 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement.

How do I claim warranty on a broken screen?

– When buying a phone on Flipkart, the buyer must choose the ‘Screen Protection Plan’ and finish the transaction after making the payment. The fee starts at Rs 150, however it may increase depending on the cost of your phone.

— There are two methods to take advantage of the plan’s benefits. In the event that the phone’s screen is damaged while in use, the plan allows for a return or repair of the phone, as well as reimbursement of the cost. The entire claim procedure is completed online.

1. Submit a refund claim

2. After the repair process, make a claim.

The buyer must phone the company at 1800 425 5568 or 080- 25187326 to begin the process, but you may also request the service by email. The company will send the details of the nearest Jeeves authorised service center based on the area pin code you gave. You can go to the center to get more information about the repair. If the center says the phone can be repaired, you must pay the total cost of the repair at the center. You can call Jeeves and claim up to 20% of the phone’s value, or you can claim the entire repair cost, after you receive the invoice for the repair cost. The user will be credited the sums equal to 20% of the phone’s worth or the repair cost, whichever is lower.

If the Jeeves centre determines that the phone cannot be fixed, you must proceed with the regular refund procedure. The refund procedure is the same as that described in the ‘claim by refund’ clause.

The plan covers situations that arise after an accident. While there is no room for bargaining after the claim is approved, it does promise a 72-hour money back guarantee! The invoice is used to determine the price of the phone, not the current market price. At the time of the claim, users are not compelled to pay any money. Surprisingly, the phone is covered regardless of who uses it, and it is covered from the moment it is placed in your hands.

There is no need to download any apps to activate the plan, and it works anywhere in the world.

You will not be able to claim plan benefits if the gadget has been destroyed due to normal wear and tear. Other than the screen, damages caused by fluids or strange disappearances are not covered under any circumstances. Theft of the phone is not covered, and the screen protection plan does not cover any other breakdown or damage covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. All accessories are not included under the plan.

Furthermore, the approach appears promising in light of the fact that displays are vulnerable for a variety of reasons. The plan may be beneficial to people who have phones that are a year old or have screen difficulties. However, there are a few points to keep in mind about the strategy. Only new phones purchased on Flipkart are covered by the insurance. The insurance plan must be purchased at the same time as the phone. There is no option to purchase the plan separately.

Does T-Mobile repair phones?

— September 16, 2021 — BELLEVUE, Wash. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced that, beginning November 1, 2021, it will offer in-store same-day device repairs at 500 locations around the country – with more on the way – as well as new Protection advantages for consumers.

  • Authorized repair locations are now available in-store. With additional sites to come, T-Mobile is upgrading 500 stores around the country to enable in-store device repairs by industry-certified technicians from Assurant. T-Mobile will offer in-store repairs for the first time, and service stations will be opening in nearly every major city throughout the country. Customers with Protection will be able to utilize the T-Mobile Store Locator to identify an approved location beginning November 1st, and then use the online appointment tool (coming soon!) to get same-day repairs right inside a T-Mobile store. Repairs will be carried out by some of the industry’s most highly qualified mobile repair specialists, who will only use manufacturer-approved components and are dedicated to providing rapid and dependable service.
  • Every year, more claims are added. Assurant’s enhanced Protection for T-Mobile now covers up to five claims per year. This is higher than the industry average of three claims each year.

These additional features add to Protection’s already extensive array of device safeguards. Protection starts at $7 (+ tax) each month and includes the following features:

  • Coverage for accidental damage, loss, and theft, as well as replacements the next business day
  • Unlimited screen protector replacement – if yours breaks, we’ll replace it for you, and we’ll even install it.
  • Hardware service coverage is provided with unlimited claims, such as a mechanical failure.
  • Upgrades – T-Mobile customers get the newest and most advanced device first.

Customers can purchase Protection at a T-Mobile store, online, or by calling their T-Mobile Team of Experts when they make an eligible T-Mobile device purchase, completed repair, lease, or finance – or up to 30 days later.

When and where service is provided through Assurant-authorized repair centers, which include T-Mobile service and repair locations, we’ll provide a replacement device and collect the appropriate accidental damage service fee/deductible based on device tier; otherwise, we’ll provide a replacement device and collect the appropriate accidental damage service fee/deductible based on device tier.

Is phone insurance worth getting?

If the cost of replacing your phone will place a strain on your finances, phone insurance might be worth it. And, with the latest cellphones costing upwards of $1,000, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. If your phone is lost or stolen, or if it is inadvertently damaged, insurance may be able to help. However, because cellphone insurance plans vary greatly in terms of cost and coverage, it’s wise to read the fine print before signing up.

Does Metro have a protection plan?

The Premium Handset Protection Program is offered by Metro by T-Mobile, formerly known as MetroPcs. It’s a complete insurance policy that covers your smartphone and all of its essential components, including the basic battery, home charger, and SIM card.

The Metro insurance plan covers the gadget no matter where you are in the United States. PHP Device Insurance and McAfee mobile security are included.

The cost of insurance varies depending on the tier of your device and your zip code.