How Do I Cancel My Vitality Health Insurance?

You must contact customer service in order to cancel Vitality Health Insurance. This can be obtained through social media or by dialing 03456023523.

Can I cancel Vitality at any time?

A Vitality life insurance policy can be canceled. You will be reimbursed your first premium if you cancel within the 30-day cooling-off period. You will not be refunded if you cancel after that date.

Can I cancel Vitality online?

  • Virgin Active can be reached at 0860 200 911 or on their website,
  • Members of Virgin Active now pay a one-time gym activation cost that is equal to one month’s full retail Club gym membership rate.

Vitality 65+ members, on the other hand, do not have to pay an activation fee to join Virgin Active. They’ll also have access to specialized classes for members aged 65 and up. Please note that the Vitality 65+ gym benefit is only available to full Vitality members and not to KeyFIT members.

  • One month’s full retail rate will apply to a Virgin Active Premier membership.
  • Show your Discovery Health membership card, or if you’re a Discovery Life Vitality member, show your ID.

How do I cancel my Discovery Vitality subscription?

Note: If you want to terminate your Vitality membership at the end of your three-month Vitality Premium Holiday period, you must give Discovery Vitality at least 30 days’ notice before the end of the third month. You can do so by dialing 011 529 7504.

Is Vitality worth the money?

If you are moderately active, Vitality life insurance is a terrific product that is highly cost-effective and can even save you more money than it costs (as it did me). However, Vitality’s biggest challenge is ensuring that customers completely comprehend the offer. Many of Vitality’s customers come from partnerships with workplaces or sports organizations, where people who are insured under the company plan are already participating in healthy activities.

Trying to describe the product to consumers directly in a short and understandable manner, on the other hand, necessitates a certain amount of knowledge and skill. Unfortunately, their own advisers, whom you may speak with directly if you phone them, can make what should be a simple journey more difficult than it has to be. For example, when I first wanted to get a Vitality insurance policy, I called them personally, only to be upset by their adviser’s unwillingness to provide me with the information I required. I merely wanted the bare minimum of life insurance to be eligible for the Vitality reward program (with discounted gym memberships etc). As I previously stated, I worked in the industry and am familiar with the underwriting process. My dissatisfaction drove me to complain.

How I arranged my Vitality life insurance

I was introduced to an independent life insurance professional who is also knowledgeable with Vitality Life insurance products through an industry source. Not only were they able to swiftly adjust the plan to my needs, but they were also able to get the most coverage for my money thanks to the firm’s preferred rates, as well as provide me £100 in cashback.

More significantly, contacting Vitality directly will result in them just selling and advising on their own items. That means if there are better products on the market (that aren’t Vitality), they won’t recommend them to you (and you won’t get any cashback). However, LifeSearch, the insurance professional I used (who can be reached via this form*), will inform you whether Vitality is right for you without any pressure. If Vitality isn’t right for you, they can give you advise on the broader insurance market and you’ll still get up to £100 in cashback. I’m a cynic, so I wouldn’t suggest them unless the service was exceptional. Simply fill out the form with your contact information and a time for a quick talk.

A reputable independent insurance broker should not only provide you advice, but also explain how the scheme works, how you might benefit from it, and process your application. You must be patient as any life insurance application takes time, but the burden is removed.

In the end, I prefer the Vitality product and have suggested it to relatives and friends, but only when using an independent specialist broker (in my case, LifeSearch*). It’s a product that has the potential to change the industry and people’s lives. It hasn’t yet made it to the mass market, but Vitality appears dedicated to making sure it does. I, for one, am rooting for them to succeed.

What happens when you get to silver on Vitality?

You’ll need to earn points for regular healthy activities to enhance your Vitality status once you’ve gained Silver Vitality status and taken a Vitality Healthcheck. For instance, you could:

  • Get 40 Vitality points per week for being active, for a total of 2,080 points per plan year.
  • Attending a WW Wellness Workshop meeting earns you 15 points per week, for a total of 780 points per plan year.

Why is there a maximum of 40 points a week for getting active?

We feel that relaxation days are necessary to avoid burnout. That’s why any exercise activity, including going to the gym, participating in a parkrun, and activities recorded with a linked activity tracking gadget, can earn you up to 40 Vitality points per week.

What is Vitality membership?

Members of Vitality can save up to 50% on monthly gym membership expenses. There will be a cost to join. Vitality is a health and life insurance company that pays you for living a healthy lifestyle. If you become ill and require treatment, award-winning private health insurance gives you access to the greatest medical care available.